After months and months of stellar digital work for Neutrogena, I had the incredible honor, the distinct pleasure, the utter thrill of writing a few thankful words to our client.

Punch Cards

Friends from former lives, intentionally missed connections, every in-law ever: These anti-greeting card gifs are for you.

Connecticut's first high-speed bus route

Ever since its conception, people in central Connecticut have felt strongly about CTfastrak. With a topic this hot, we knew we needed more than a campaign. We needed something citizens could rally behind: A movement. The Movement. The chance for citzens to take just a little more of their lives back, and do more than they ever thought they could do.

The University of Connecticut

UConn is one of the top educational state schools in the country. That's a fact. Yet, a little-known one. Across the country, many still saw UConn as an agricultural sports school. Until now. Thanks to a major rebrand, including these three award-winning commercials , the school is now known as a research-focused educational institution that helps students reach their dreams.

DRS Technologies

With the defense industry at a critical point of transformation, DRS must reinforce their status as a service leader that's here to stay. Geotargeted campaigns at many of their locations let employees and partners know that DRS is committed to excellent service, no matter what the future holds.

The Evolution Series, from Legrand

Legrand's most innovative product line began as standalone pathways, united in name alone. To bring them together, we needed to position them together, both physically and conceptually. Uniting them as a series of innovation-leaders driving the category forward. More than pathways, Pathways to the Future.

Keurig (Spec Campaign)

Some small business owners don't see Keurig as a necessary business expense. Their employees may disagree. So, on their daily commutes, we messaged them instead, reinforcing that Keurig is more than coffee. It's a customized de-stressified "Ungrind" experience that increases happiness, and productivity, too.

One-offs (The lonely ads)

Not everything can be a huge campaign. In fact, at times, these one-offs can provide an even greater challenge. Each of these fun one-offs began with a complex message just dying to be simplified.

Hey everyone, I wrote a book!

Written for, and dedicated to, my good friend, Samantha, and her new baby, Liam.

Acura and Reebok (The best internship, ever)

McGarryBowen had a lot to teach me and I couldn't wait to soak it all up. First, by retargeting Acura towards a younger generation with a new era of luxury. Then, by launching Reebok's new partnership with Crossfit using a brand new sport: fitness.